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It has been hard work for us to collect and made our own online casino listing. But finally an important step has been made. We have found the opportunity to gather in one place casino sites that have been specifically designed to allow anyone living in any part of the world to be able to sign up and play real money casino games online. All through our web page you will find an extensive list of casinos which have been proven and tested by our experts. Enjoy the benefits and great pleasure they provide.

Online gambling web sites and casinos have sprung up recently due to the number of people signing for these web sites. A large number of applications have also been developed for both ios and android where users can create an account and gamble online with other players. The gambling web sites and casinos have made it possible for lovers of casinos and gamblers to gamble from anywhere they are. Also these online casinos offer lucrative package and rewards for customers. They offer signing bonuses and withdrawal to bank accounts after certain limits. These online gambling web sites are getting popular among casino enthusiasts and common people also. People join these web sites thinking they can make some quick bucks over here. Online gambling is now a whooping 45 million dollar industry and is expected to even rise further within the next couple of years. In this article we shall list the most interesting facts about online casinos and gambling.

Is it legal?

Online gambling is not legal everywhere but it is not illegal either. The laws dictating online gambling do not mention the unlawful activities but they do mention that any gambling organisation not affiliated to the US is illegal. In few states it is explicitly legal and is regulated by the state laws.

The random number generator is the most important piece of technology in the industry.

The random number generator is a software which generates random numbers to players. This RNG software is used in every gambling game like poker, crap or bingo. This number generator is the brains behind every online casino.

The first casino online.

The first casino to be ever introduced online was launched in the August of 1996. A total of 18 games were available that time on the web site. Today there exist thousands of online gambling sites and new ones get added each day.

The origin of Blue chip companies.

Blue chip companies which are present get their name from blue chips which are worth more than the red and white chips.

No official regulations for your safety.

Online casinos have no official safety standards and regulations. If you choose to wager at online gambling you shall be doing so at your own risk.

First online poker site.

The first ever online poker site started in 1998. It was called Poker Planet.

You cannot count cards in blackjack online.

Not all the online casinos work on the random number generator system. Sometimes some games require that you play with another actual dealer over live webcam.

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